Friday, January 30, 2009

Cake Of The Month ( February )

This cake was presented for wedding ceremony in last year. It was rich prune cake ,iced with light purple fondant and topped with an arrangement of sugarflower. 3 large cassablanca and 2 stalks of purple Cruciia Lilies has been used to suit the theme of the cake. I'm still prefer Ann Barber's techniques to decorate this cake. As you can see ,a handkerchief made by fabric paste has laid on the cake.It also stamped with "hole" technique and embroidered with piped royal icing. Harga untuk cake ni Rm 220 .

Friday, January 16, 2009

Diamond Jubilee Rose

Last week I spent my free time to make this huge yellow rose.This rose was diamond jubilee. The idea come out when I have visited my friend's house , so I advice her to create the rose that grown at her backyard. We observed the rose , peel-out its petals, make 3 sizes of templates,then started working with sugar dough. So you can see the transformation of the rose from the garden to a specimen of rose. to make it realistic I dust edges of petal with burgundy dust powder. takes about 2 hours, with almost 20 petals overlap each others.

I Miss My Class...

Even sugarcraft is my hobby and my part time job, but my responsibility is to teach culinary art student. Yeah I'm really miss my class, play with bread dough , mixing cake batter , shape and mould cookies and presenting the products is wonderful things to do..My students? Ermm they can give me pleasure and pressure... I left them almost a year ago... really mis my work, student and colleagues...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Figurine ( Study Hard and Smart )

I am not an expert in figurine, but still love to make it..For me,to create figurine, the most important thing is working with proportion.You should know how to measure head,arm,leg etc to built-up the model.One way is..find out the actual model, measure each part of it with ruler then using percentage ,, try to squeeze down the size. This is only my idea but it depends to your creativity. I've made this figurine last week and it was based from Loiraine Mckay UK. She's my teacher .I used modeling paste to create this

Amboi betul ker tu study hard and smart.. buku tu nampak kosong jer? Tu lembu ka atau "teddy bear"? siap ada mug lagi .. tu dada tu tutup sikit malu jer dedah aurat sana sini.. ha haa lupa plak nak write something kat buku tu

Saturday, January 10, 2009

State and Royal Show Competitions 2008

Both are competition entries in South Australia Cake & Sugarcraft Competition and Adelaide Royal Show. Arrangement of wild flower ( poppy,prewinkle,easter,honeysuckle,wild orchid,foliage and hop) this is for Royal Show and won 3rd prize in State Competition, while Orchid Corsage ( Slipper orchid, dendrabium, wild and maideenhair fern ) won 1st prize in the same competition. All made from sugar except wire and ribbons.Thanks Summer Luke , Stella Abraham , Rhonda Philip,and Jean Herrington, you are my inspiration.
Paling susah nak buat Bunga Aester ( Daisy putih) dah banyak kali kelopaknya patah.Untuk Orchid ni pulak nak buat daun fern tu,detail, terutamanya nak pastikan ianya melengkung sepertimana fern yang asal.

Cake of The Month ( January )

Do you think that we can find blue Catteliya Orchid ? lol, of course not, The cake is too blue and the color is not realistic. Yes I agree. Why? because both bride & groom asked me to create this kind of color to suit their wedding's theme. Most Malaysians like to have theme color for their wedding ceremony. So you can see all things such as wedding dress,decoration,souvenir (bombonieres) hantaran ( gift) and etc in the same color. I spent a whole day to make all this orchids and continued the next day for covering and final touch to the cake. The cake also has an attached tuille lace. Harga ? untuk kek ni Rm 200, fruit cake.

Basic Sugarflower Class ( Gumpaste Class vs Bunga Gula)

My favorite class, 3 days sessions. You will learn how to make floral paste made from sugar, ( this paste can create 200 blossoms ) Yes, you can roll it thinner, its look like a piece of paper . This class will create more then 7 flowers with foliages such as Tea rose, freesia,stephanotis,lily of the valley, calla lily, Ivy leaf, ivy berry , red dephne, plus extra pulled flower such as cape letworth and honey suckle. Besides that, you will learn floral arrangement and making of double loops ribbon. Manual and Hi tea will be provided. Ni pun silibus lama, nantikan teknik baru, resepi baru, dan bunga yang baru di penghujung 2009. Untuk past student yang telah megikuti kelas ni, kita akan adakan satu free demo class. untuk keterangan lanjut hubungi

Cake Decorating Class ( Fondant Cake Decoration )

This is anfavorite class. student will learn how to make rich fruit cake, process fondant dough,royal icing and fabric paste covering cake and board, ribbon insertion , piping techniques (embroidery, sugar lace ,filegree ) crimping ,moulding and fabric effect ( scallops, frill ). 2 days session + basic tools,book and Hi tea. Dah setahun pun tak buat kelas, teknik ni pun dah old fashion ( method Ann Barber UK) .Kat mana mana pun samaja design dia. Gambar ni adalah kelas terakhir penghujung tahun 2007 bersama Min dari Terengganu .Min adalah orang terakhir menggunakan silibus ni. InsyaAllah hujung tahun ni kita perkenalkan method baru dari Australia and UK . Baru sedar rupanya banyak lagi style baru. Anyway Thanks Ann, for introducing this method to us. I Still like it.

Tempahan Kek Fondant vs Fondant Cake

Beautiful right ? This is Classic Fruit cake covered with soft plastic fondant . I used royal icing to decorate embroidery on the cake's side. This cake also attached with a spray of sugarflower ( pink peonny and tiger lily ) . Nak buat bukan senang ...Untuk bunga peony ni mengambil masa dua hari untuk disiapkan begitu jugak dgn tiger lily tu. . Disebabkan setiap satu kek memerlukan 2-3 hari untuk disiapkan saya hanya mampu menyiapkan 3 kek hantaran atau 1 set kek bertingkat sahaja seminggu . Ini juga bagi memastikan hasil yang terbaik dan memuaskan.Untuk tidak menghampakan anda , Sila buat tempahan awal selewat lewatnya 2 minggu dari tarikh pick - up ( luar musim perkahwinan ) dan sebulan ( musim perkahwinan) .emailkan pertanyaan anda ke