Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Days Basic Gumpaste Class Inspired by Petal Sweet US March 22th -24th March 2013.

Few months ago, a couple of lady called and asked me to conduct sugar flower class.. They asked me to teach sugar peony arrangement as close as creation by Jacqueline Butler From Petal Sweet Blog in US.. I knew her even adore Jac's creation., simple , elegance, fantastic and really beautiful floral arrangement. I have checked  my tools box and look at to all the cutters that I have and start to make the flower... and finally this is the final master piece for the class. 3 days Basic Gumpaste Class Inspired by Jacqueline Butler US. To make more dramatic, I add sugar Rose and Butterfly to this arrangement. This class now is open to enroll . Tentative Program as follows:

Date : 22th -24th March 2013
Duration / Time:  3 Days Class , 9.00am - 5.30pm
Fees:  Rm 1200.
Material Provided ( the fees included these materials)  Imported Hydrangeas cutter, Hydrangeas or Rose leaf cutter, , Rose Set Cutters,  Butterfly Cutters , Hydrangeas petal veiner.Hydrangeas leaf veiner,Hydrangeas Centre Veiner,  Flower Paste.Modelling Tools . Dummy Cake Foam.
Material Not Provided open to order BEFORE CLASS :   Rolling Pin, Non stick Map, Sponge Pad, Flower former.Bring it if you have.
You Need to Bring: All material not provided in class, tea towel, Flat Painting Brushes 3mm-1 cm.

Subjects Cover :Hands On Class, Large Cabbage Peony, Rununculus, Hydrangeas,Rose, Hydrangeas & Rose Leaves, Filler Flower, Filler , Buds, Butterfly. Demo Flower Paste & Royal Icing.Arrangement of Floral Bouquet.
Free Demos: Southern Magnolia. Jasmine filler.
Registration Date 1 Feb - 3 March 2013
Contact : 019 2349452   Email

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