Friday, January 30, 2009

Cake Of The Month ( February )

This cake was presented for wedding ceremony in last year. It was rich prune cake ,iced with light purple fondant and topped with an arrangement of sugarflower. 3 large cassablanca and 2 stalks of purple Cruciia Lilies has been used to suit the theme of the cake. I'm still prefer Ann Barber's techniques to decorate this cake. As you can see ,a handkerchief made by fabric paste has laid on the cake.It also stamped with "hole" technique and embroidered with piped royal icing. Harga untuk cake ni Rm 220 .


Lady Ila said...

wow!!!! mmg best lah.. bersemangat terus saya tgk nieh...salam perkenalan yer shah

Shahril Shamsudin said...

yerr salam perkenalan jugakk ... semangat apa nya..

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