Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Demonstration in Australia

This is the last demonstration before I'm going back to Malaysia. Victorian Wedding Dress on Cake. Suppose I will demonstrate it in State Seminar but I don't think that I still have ample time.. So will demonstrate it for two monthly meetings in Adelaide on April and May 2009 . I guess this also will appears in Australian Sugarcraft Magazine but not sure which issue. You can see how I use only a lace mould and manipulate it to create different designs.... buat penat penat tapi tak dapat bawak balik...



Cantiknyaaaa.....Chef,nazeha ni.DCA 21 (A).hehe. Jemput masuk blog sy

Shahril Shamsudin said...

Hi there... I need to remove this picture. I should not upload it until I demonstrate it next month.So will show it after 4 April .. Sorry for this.

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