Sunday, April 10, 2011

Floral Sugar Art Class:Chinese Peony Arrangement 28 -29th May 2011

Due to the demand on Peony Flower, I am happy to announce that I will conduct a class of this flower on 28-29th May 2011. The class will show you how to make a very popular Chinese Peony and selections of oriental style filler flowers and its foliage such as Lyang Lyang flower ( Bunga kenanga) Lantern Fuchia and Mandarin Orchid (hybridising of 3 orchids miltasia, odontoglossium , Binosa orchids) . Fee of the class is Rm 1070 plus flower &foliage cutters but without veiners or Rm 1250 with veiners such as ceramic veining tool, squires veiner, yam leaf veiner, large ball tool. all flowers and leaf cutter such as, peony petal set, peony leaf set, orchid cutter , fuchia cutter, chinese yam leaf set, lyang lyang flower cutter. previous students will get discount Rm 100. some of the veiners are optional and you can ask for deduction if you not prefer to have it .Please contact me for the further information /0192349452.


雨林画室 (Malaysia) said...

Nice flowering combination and color!

* Hope you don't mind I advertise on your blog *

雨林画室 (Malaysia) said...

Hello! This is Tee here, welcome to join my art center, thank you!
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facebook ID: tee arts
hp: 012-2791328

churinga said...

Please tell me where did you get the stamens? I look for good quality stamens but no success :(

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