Friday, July 15, 2011

Bride and Groom Cake Topper Class.

Yesterday I received an email asked me about Bride and Groom class.. . I am not sure how many students want to learn this sugar model. The picture taken from Wedding cake course last month. This is Australian Style of Bride and Groom.. I learned from Australian Lady when I was in Adelaide South Australia. If you want to learn it, just sent me email... I will think bout it...Normal syllabus student will learn how to portion the body. paint the eyes, make few pattern of hair style,veil and tiara, dress up or design gown and tuxedo and also prepare miniature hand flower bouquet such as Lily and rose and not to forget , how to make up the Bride ha haaa. Look at to the picture.. the Bride look chubby, Maybe she's pregnant before wedding day ha haa....


Pauline Bakes the Cake! said...

Ha! Finally able to see your bride and groom. Gorgeous!

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