Monday, January 12, 2009

Figurine ( Study Hard and Smart )

I am not an expert in figurine, but still love to make it..For me,to create figurine, the most important thing is working with proportion.You should know how to measure head,arm,leg etc to built-up the model.One way is..find out the actual model, measure each part of it with ruler then using percentage ,, try to squeeze down the size. This is only my idea but it depends to your creativity. I've made this figurine last week and it was based from Loiraine Mckay UK. She's my teacher .I used modeling paste to create this

Amboi betul ker tu study hard and smart.. buku tu nampak kosong jer? Tu lembu ka atau "teddy bear"? siap ada mug lagi .. tu dada tu tutup sikit malu jer dedah aurat sana sini.. ha haa lupa plak nak write something kat buku tu


aju said...

salam bro.

ada buat class tak tuk figurine nih..
ai link yrs at mine..
salam kenal..

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