Saturday, January 10, 2009

State and Royal Show Competitions 2008

Both are competition entries in South Australia Cake & Sugarcraft Competition and Adelaide Royal Show. Arrangement of wild flower ( poppy,prewinkle,easter,honeysuckle,wild orchid,foliage and hop) this is for Royal Show and won 3rd prize in State Competition, while Orchid Corsage ( Slipper orchid, dendrabium, wild and maideenhair fern ) won 1st prize in the same competition. All made from sugar except wire and ribbons.Thanks Summer Luke , Stella Abraham , Rhonda Philip,and Jean Herrington, you are my inspiration.
Paling susah nak buat Bunga Aester ( Daisy putih) dah banyak kali kelopaknya patah.Untuk Orchid ni pulak nak buat daun fern tu,detail, terutamanya nak pastikan ianya melengkung sepertimana fern yang asal.


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